Tips for Handling an Increase in Online Customer Service

In today's tch-savvy society, social media is a key component of good customer service. © Babii

Online customer service requires new tools for communicating with customers. Online retailers using company call center solutions should consider these tips for handling an increase in online customer service. Add customer service information onto your website. Many customers look for customer service hours on websites and can't find it. Most websites list … [Read more...]

3 General Rules for Showing Your Smile over the Phone/Web in the Contact Center

The other day I was reading Steve Curtain’s blog about Dairy Queen:  Something Indifferent, and it reinforced the notion, once again, that a smile really makes a difference in providing good customer service and sales.  However, a smile is much easier to measure in the retail environment because you see it.  Over the phone or web, it is more challenging, … [Read more...]