Have a Successful Relationship With Your Call Center

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When you’re running a business, answering your own phones or hiring somebody full time to do it for you isn’t always an option. In many cases it’s simply wasteful to hire front office staff you don’t need. That’s why working with an outsourced call center could be an ideal option for you. However, you’ll still need to build a strong relationship with … [Read more...]

Get to Know Your Customers Better

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Customer service is an important part of any business operation. However, getting to know your customers isn’t something all business can get around to doing. Unfortunately it’s essential for growth and customer retention. Getting to know your customers and providing valuable feedback is just one of the things a US-based call center can help you do. A … [Read more...]

How the Language You Use Can Affect Customer Impressions

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The way you deal with customers has an obvious influence on if and how they choose to work with your business. However, the particular language that you use could have more of an impact than you realize, especially when it comes to first impressions or dealing with customer problems. Use these tips to understand how your language impacts your business: The … [Read more...]

Save Time and Money in Your Small Business With a Call Center

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Running a small business on a day to day basis can be very taxing, and, if you’re like many small business owners, there’s never enough time. The need to reduce costs and save money is also likely a thought in your mind on a regular basis. Perhaps you’ve never thought of it, but using an outsourced call center could be a way to help you save both time and … [Read more...]

Learning About Your Customer Needs Requires Smart Survey Design

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Knowing what your customers want and need is an essential part of a successful business. However, not all customer surveys are created equal, and if your's aren’t well-designed they may be hurting you more than they’re helping. The following are tips to avoid important mistakes when designing your customer service survey: Avoid confusing language: … [Read more...]