USA800 Was Featured on BusinessNewsDaily

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Here at USA800, we take great pride in helping businesses with their customer service. We go to great lengths to help our clients to not just improve their customer service, but to make it the best possible service they can provide and making it a cornerstone of their stellar reputation. We are proud to say that we have built a reputation of ourselves and were … [Read more...]

What Customers Really Want From You

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Customer service is one of the most important parts of any business. It’s about listening to what the needs of the customer are and trying to meet them. The following are just some of the things that customers want from you: Provide Trust – Customers want to be able to trust you. If you don’t know something, they’d rather you tell them that … [Read more...]

Your Angry Customers Can Be a Great Opportunity for Your Business

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When it comes to customer service, nobody looks forward to dealing with angry customers. However, believe it or not, angry customers can actually be a good thing if you take advantage of the situation. By dealing with an angry customer in the right way, you can turn him or her into a satisfied customer, one who appreciates the service you provided to smooth things … [Read more...]

Transparency and Clear Communication Can Keep Your Customers’ Trust

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Providing quality customer service for your business does not equate telling your customers what you think they want to hear. First of all, customers are smarter than that. They want to be able to trust you, and being transparent and clear in your communication with them is of utmost importance. A good example to look at is the banking industry. In recent … [Read more...]

How Multichannel Customer Service Can Be Easier to Use

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When it comes to providing customer service, companies can no longer get away with only having one channel to communicate through. Back in the day, a simple phone service line was all you needed. Now, there are multiple channels that can be used – and by providing your customers with multichannel service, you’ll make the experience easier for them. Multichannel … [Read more...]