How to Have a Terrible Customer Service

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Making sure that you provide top notch customer service is not only important in retaining your customers but also retaining a good reputation. When it comes to providing quality customer service for your business, you need to know what makes customer service good and what makes it bad. The following are two signs of terrible customer service: Hiring … [Read more...]

Taking Advantage of New Customer Touchpoints

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Social media marketing has been shifting from passive brand consumption to more active brand engagement in the last few years, which means that as the amount of touchpoints between brands and consumers grows, so do the expectations of consumers. Consumers are growing more wary of generic online marketing campaigns. They don’t trust typical ad campaigns. … [Read more...]

How the Hold Feature Can Work for Your Business

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Putting customers on hold when they call in to a call center is something that can’t always be avoided, especially if your company takes a lot of calls. However, leave them on hold for too long and there’s a good chance they will become irritated. To avoid angering your customers, put the hold feature to good use by using the following tips: Promote … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget the Service in Social Media Customer Service

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Social media is used for a lot of different things, but it’s important to remember that since you are engaging customers directly, customer service is of utmost importance. The following are a few tips for providing excellent customer service through the use of your social media: Watch your temper – If someone begins posting verbal attacks, don’t … [Read more...]

Don’t Serve Customers: Care for Them

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When it comes to supporting the customers, many companies focus on customer service. However, the entire business should be customer service. It’s customer care that you should be focusing on when dealing with any issues that customers need to have resolved. The most important part of customer care is making sure that you listen to your customers. In … [Read more...]