You Need Well-Trained Staff for an Effective Contact Center

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A call center isn’t enough to handle your company’s customer service – especially in a day and age where consumers are using social media, text chat, email, phone and fax as well as self-service options that include user forums and knowledge bases. Because all of these elements are integral to an effective contact center, it’s important that your staff … [Read more...]

Make Quality Service Part of Your Brand Identity

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Forging a strong brand identity is vital to increasing brand awareness and establishing a positive reputation within your industry. It’s why customer service is an aspect that all brands should focus on – the better your customer service is, the more brand loyalty you will build. While customer service has always been important, it has become more … [Read more...]

Customers Don’t Trust Leaving a Voicemail

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Voicemail was once an incredibly convenient and helpful feature, but as technology has improved, voicemail has begun to grow obsolete – especially with younger generations. Voicemail just isn’t that convenient to use anymore. In order to listen to a message, you often have to call your voicemail and punch in a password. If you miss it, you’ll have … [Read more...]

Customers Are Telling Us What Kind of Service They Want

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Knowing what your customers want is incredibly helpful in running your contact center. It’s why obtaining customer feedback is so important. The following are ways in which you can respond to your customer feedback: Use the right channels – There are a huge number of channels these days over which you can receive feedback. Know where your customers … [Read more...]

Worry Less About Quality Assurance and More About Quality

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When it comes to customer service, most companies have quality assurance programs. However, quality assurance programs don’t always help. The problem is that you shouldn’t be focused solely on a regimented program – instead, you should be focusing more on quality. An example of a quality assurance program would be a guide to communicating with customers … [Read more...]